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When do I need to request an interpreter?
Sign language interpreters are needed when you communicate with a deaf individual whose primary source of communication is sign language. Always ask the deaf person first if an interpreter is needed.  A deaf person who is competent in English when writing, reading and speaking may still want an interpreter for more complex or technical situations to ensure effective communication. Lip reading for some deaf people is taxing and is not a reliable means of understanding a conversation in its entirety.

Rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing/ADA
The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities including deaf and hard of hearing individuals. All businesses and government agencies are required to provide effective communication. Please visit for more information.

Benefits to Small Businesses
Small businesses may qualify for a tax credit under Section 44 of the Internal Revenue Code. This tax incentive was created in 1990 to help small businesses cover ADA related expenses. For more information please visit


Can the deaf person bring in their own interpreter?
It is not recommended.   Professional interpreters are trained and must abide by RID’s professional Code of Conduct. This will ensure message accuracy, impartiality and confidentiality. 

Is there always a two hour minimum?
Many assignments require a two hour minimum however we are more than happy to come up with an agreement that fits your needs.

Do you only supply educational interpreters?
Although our main focus is educational interpreting, we do provide services for medical and community interpreting as well.




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